Gastric Plication

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Gastric Plication is an innovative, simple and safe operation

  • Trained with the most expert team in the world in this technique.
  • Technique by laparoscopy and mini-invasive anesthesia, greater safety, efficacy and better results.
  • Fast Track post-operative protocol, with 24-hour login.

What is Gastric Plication?

It is an innovative, simple and safe technique. The aim is to apply the greater curvature of the stomach, in order to reduce its capacity by 80%. The stomach loses the ability to distension, avoiding excessive intake. When the stomach is full, the stitches betray from the outside, homogeneously, avoiding their progressive release as in the Apollo Method (Endoscopic Gastric Plication). Plication may fail due to repeated and voluntary abuse of the patient.

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Why to be operated with us of Gastric Plication
  • More than 1,400 patients treated.
  • Surgical team with expert qualification.
  • Thorough preoperative preparation.
  • Technique by laparoscopy and mini-invasive anaesthesia.
  • Surgical time: 60-90 minutes.
  • 24h Admission: Fast Track post-operative protocol.
  • Normal life in 5-7 days.
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Our "Fast Track" protocol of 24 h of income

It is the most advanced methodology to prevent postoperative complications in obese patients. After the operation the patient:

    • No need for ICU. Go up to his private room.
    • He gets up and walks around 2 hours after the operation.
    • Drink liquids 3 hours after the operation.
    • Few post-operative discomfort and less need for analgesics
    • Discharge from the hospital at 24 hours.
    • Normal life in 5-7 days.

Experience and Results

Nº of studied patients
Mean age
Initial average BMI
Average BMI at 5 years
85.7 women
14.3 men
Evolution of BMI at 1 year of operationGráfica evolución
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It has totally changed my life. I am happier and I have more confidence in myself.

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Price and what the treatment includes

Clinics Valencia and Madrid

Gastric Plication

8.800 €

Multidisciplinary follow-up

950 €
(2 years)
(*) Fixed hospital costs. All included, except specific preparatory studies. (Consultation with our Coordinator)
The prices include
  • Preoperative study
  • Preparation for the intervention
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgical team fees
  • Anesthesia
  • Surgical material and necessary medication
  • Hospital follow-up and up to 30 post-operative days
  • Telephone 24h
  • Safety of operation
Interest-free financing up to 12 months or up to 5 years (APR 8%, variable according to market)

Organization of the operation


Preoperative preparation (can be done remotely):

  • Multidisciplinary study
  • Optimization of medical treatment
  • Preoperative diet from 1 to 6 weeks
  • Preoperative testing

Operation and hospital stay:

  • Entry on the day of operation
  • 60 to 120 minutes of surgery
  • High in 24h

Recovery and follow-up after discharge:

  • Progressive diet up to 4 weeks
  • Active but quiet life
  • Stitches removal at 8-9 days
  • Back to work in 7 days
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Multidisciplinary follow-up by an expert team

The multidisciplinary follow-up of the patient aims to ensure the success of the surgery in the long term. In order to do this, our professionals will perform the following functions:

    • Medical evaluation and follow-up by the bariatric surgeon
    • Dietary evaluation and follow-up by the nutritionist
    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy by the psychologist.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Read carefully, the advantages and disadvantages of each surgical technique, and which should be the profile of the patient for each intervention. See our COMPARATIVE TABLE OF OBESITY OPERATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS OF SCIENTIFIC COMPANIES.
  • Consult our DIVULGATIVE ARTICLES on Gastric Plication. Obesity always affects health. You can know your “cardiovascular risk” and your “risk of suffering Diabetes” through these TEST (These tests are external to our website)

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