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Obésitas-Vela, is a new project of Clínica Obésitas, whose aim is to promote the sport of sailing, teamwork and respect and enjoyment of nature.

Our Values

Promote teamwork interpersonal relationships, enjoyment and respect for nature..

Our Plans

Obésitas-Vela, will focus its actions on:

  • • Participation in club regattas in our geographical area.
  • Coaching activities with our internal team and with our patients.

Our Activities

1. We have participated in the “Canal Cup Regatta”.


From 5-6 October 2019:

It was our first regatta after several months of refitting the boat. We have rehearsed the manoeuvres, tested the materials with some incidents, but nothing to regret, and we have prepared for the regatta.

It is a long race, about 55 miles, which on this occasion was held from San Antoni de Ibiza to Denia.

We came in an honourable 5th position.. In fact, the teams in the first four places were for the most “professionalised” and usual teams and boats in these competitions.

We left San Antoni at about 11 am, with practically no wind, causing the odd scare due to possible collisions between the boats; before the start, the engines are switched off, and it is only possible to steer the boats with the push of the wind.

It was a sunny day, and the sea was calm, turquoise blue, characteristic of the Pitiuas. Little by little and after almost an hour of patience, the desired wind came in until it pushed the sailboat with courage. We passed outside the island of Conejera as indicated in the race instructions, and from there, we established a strategy for the course to the finish line. The wind came from the W – SW, and allowed us to make a course to Oliva at the most. When, halfway through the race, the wind dropped in intensity and shifted to a very light easterly wind, we set a direct course for Denia. The swell was handicapping our sails, because the wind was very light, and prevented a stable course. We opted for a change of strategy, with a course “to the south” of the race, the sails swelled well, the boat gained stability and the crew was in good spirits. After several hours of sailing, we were able to set course for Denia thanks to a new wind shift. We arrived in Denia, just before the wind dropped again, almost to a complete stop. Other boats that opted for a “northern version” were less lucky, ran out of wind, and even withdrew from the race.

The finish was very joyful and enthusiastic, and left the team with a feeling of having done a good job, while enjoying the sea and the team relationship.

2. We have participated in the “Canal Cup Regatta”. (Regatta – I)

2 November 2019:

Our second regatta, this time more coastal and shorter, although more technically demanding.

This is a group of 4 regattas held between the yacht clubs of Jávea and Denia. They are short courses, with a triangle or batons layout and are mainly technical.

It is important to know the possibilities of the boat, the local winds at that time of the year and how they are influenced by the orography of the coast, and of course, the training of the crew.With the good news that we were in 4th position from the previous race, and thinking positive, close to a possible podium, we went to the second race of this round.

san antonio

The first race of this group consisted of a 10-mile course, starting at the NC of Jávea, going to the cape of La Nao and returning to the same club. There was a bit of swell, it was the end of a small squall, and not much wind as always happens in these cases. The wind was onshore and very shifty. At the start we had a south – southwest wind, and we were able to make a start worthy of good sailors. When we reached the cape walls, starting from Portixol Island, we ran out of wind, and by choosing to move away from the coast to avoid the shadow of the mountain, we were forced to sail further and further, and after all, we couldn’t avoid running out of wind. Other boats kept calm, and the close-hauled course, and small tunnels of thermal wind, pushed them with some ease, out of the shadow of the cape walls. As we rounded the cape of La Nao, the wind and sea conditions always change; the wind veered to the south and sharply increased in strength. We were forced to change the sails, go upwind, and sail in a bow (and with difficulties because the big foresail -code 0-, was badly furled and made everything difficult for us).

Once all the problems and difficulties were solved, we tacked, leaving the bollard on the port side, which marked the turn towards the finish line. We went downwind again, although a little less than on the way out, and opting for a course further from the coast, we finally got good winds to reach the finish line in 4th position. A great success and satisfaction for the crew (Note: Although in the classification we were placed in 6th position, it is an error that has been corrected).

3. We have participated in the “Canal Cup Regatta” (RegaTta – II)

7 December 2019:

Again, the end of a northerly squall, and again more of a background, with a cloudy bottom, without transparency, and this time without wind.
It is said that after northerlies come southerlies, but sometimes it is so light that it hardly pushes at all.

After the skippers’ meeting we headed for the starting point of the regatta, where there was no wind at all. “The race committee decides to delay the start due to lack of wind.

Things are looking bad, because the wind is not coming, and time is passing.

We take the opportunity to talk strategy and remember manoeuvres. After 90 minutes of waiting, the Committee cancels the race…