La clinica

Innovation and research

Clinicas Obésitas makes a permanent effort of improvement, applying the innovations that have already been totally verified. In addition, with the aim of achieving the best results for its patients, it carries out research studies applied to clinical practice.

In the field of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery:


  • Incorporation of robotic hepatic separation systems, which facilitate an optimal surgical result, avoiding the disadvantages of the fatty livers typical of obese patients.
  • Incorporation of robotic systems for the handling of optics to facilitate and improve the precision of surgery.
  • Incorporation of 100% robotic systems using DaVinci Robot technology in order to improve surgical stability and safety.


  • Study on the efficacy and safety of the supersuture and intussusception of the line of staples after vertical gastrectomy (Gastric Tube or Sleeve).
  • Multicentric and national research project, led by Dr. Jose Vte. Ferrer, where the most prestigious hospitals in Spain participate, on the influence of surgery on the hiatus during vertical gastrectomy (Gastric Tube or Sleeve), in possible hiatus dysfunctions 5 years after surgery.

In the field of Anaesthesiology:


  • Airway management in the morbid obese: Prediction of difficult intubation and use of intubation with fiberscope.
  • Monitoring of the anaesthetic depth by means of the “Biospectral Index” (BIS).
  • Rapid intraoperative recovery (FAST-TRACK) in Bariatric Surgery.


  • Study on the efficacy of anaesthetic infiltration before incisions in the muscular wall (atraumatic trocars).
  • Study of the efficacy of anaesthetic instillation, of the peritoneal area of surgery, to reduce the need for postoperative analgesia.

In the field of bariatric patient psychology:


  • Systematic incorporation of psychological study tests with special emphasis on bulimic behavioural alterations in the general obese population.
  • Development of specific intervention programs for TCA.


  • Research project in collaboration with the University of Valencia (Faculty of Psychology), on the use of Avatars for work and psychological stimulation of patients.

In the clinical field of bariatric patients:


  • Systematic incorporation of complete, dynamic cardiopulmonary study tests through the Units specialising in sports medicine.
  • Incorporation and design of a tool for measuring and assessing the “Family Burden of Obesity”, and its possible usefulness as a parameter to be taken into account during the preoperative assessment of the patient.