Privacy policy in social networks




The user, by becoming a fan or follower of Gestión y Administración Sanitaria JVF SLU, CLINICA OBESITAS VALENCIA AND CLINICA OBESITAS MADRID on their official Facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin or any other social network in which they have created a profile or account, is consenting in:

a) The treatment of your personal data in the environment of each social network mentioned in accordance with its own privacy policy. Below are the links to the privacy policies of the social networks used by Gestión y Administración Sanitaria J.V.F SLU (hereinafter, Clínicas Obesitas):

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

b) The access of Clínicas Obesitas to the data that the user has authorized to view, in accordance with their own privacy settings.

c) For the news published by Clínicas Obesitas to appear on their wall, biography, etc. In this sense, Clínicas Obesitas will not use the data for other purposes.

d) The social networks of Clínicas Obesitas have a strictly informative purpose.

e) As part of the publications, links to third-party websites that are considered of interest may be included. Clínicas Obesitas does not assume responsibility for its content.

Clínicas Obesitas may modify or eliminate at any time and without prior notice the publications issued on the networks.

Why do we treat your personal data?

Purpose of treatment: maintain a relationship between the USER and the CONTROLLER that may include the following operations:

  • Management of social network accounts administered by Clínicas Obesitas.
  • Technical account management (creation, publications)
  • Interactions (public or private messages) with subscribers and other users of the social networks used.
  • Usage statistics.

Controller for the treatment

The personal data that could be collected directly from the interested party will be treated confidentially and will be incorporated into the corresponding treatment activity owned by Clínicas Obesitas.

Origin of the data:

  • Users of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube.

Categories of processed data- Data visible by default in our channels:

  • Surname and first name or pseudonym;
  • Profile photo or avatar;
  • Presentation message
  • Publications
  • Messages exchanged
  • Data posted by the user as part of their general settings
  • Data on the use of the platform for the production of anonymous statistics.

Mandatory nature of data collection.

The data collection is the result of the voluntary consent to access the content published from the social network accounts of Clínicas Obesitas. A person who does not have a Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account can access the information published on the Obesitas Clinics page. To benefit from personalized information, social features or online response services, the user must be a member of the social network.

The USER can access the privacy policies of the social network itself at any time, as well as configure their profile to guarantee their privacy.

The CONTROLLER has access to and treats the public information of the USER, especially his contact name. These data are only used within the social network itself and will only be incorporated into a file of the CONTROLLER when necessary to process the USER’s request.

Automated decision making

The processing does not provide automated decision making. Clínicas Obesitas does not carry out treatment operations that involve making this type of decision.

Legal basis of the processing:

They always respond to the provisions of article 6 1-a) of the general data protection regulation (consent when registering and following us).

For how long will we keep your personal data?

The data will be kept as long as the USER does not revoke the consent given, as indicated in this privacy policy.

Data communication and international transfers

Public posts and exchanges are likely to be accessible, due to your presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn outside the European Union. The data necessary for the compilation of statistics may be processed outside the European Union, in accordance with the data management policy implemented by the aforementioned social networks.

Communication of data:

the information provided by the USER through the social networks of the CONTROLLER, including their personal data, may be published, always depending on the services that the USER uses, so it may be made publicly available to others. third-party users of social networks. From the profile of each social network, the USER can configure what information they want to make public in each case, see the permissions that have been granted, delete or deactivate them, like any third-party application that they no longer want to use.

No communication of personal data to third parties outside the social network is planned, except, if it is essential for the development and execution of the purposes of the treatment, to our service providers related to communications, with whom the CONTROLLER has signed the contracts of confidentiality and treatment manager required by current privacy regulations.

How to unsubscribe?

If the user wants to unsubscribe, he only has to select the appropriate option in the corresponding social network. Below we show you how you can stop following Clínicas Obesitas on the main social networks:

  • Facebook: Within the Clinicas Obesitas page, you must click on the hyperlink that appears at the end of the menu on the left “unfollow”. For more information, you can consult Facebook support.
  • Twitter: On your home page or profile you must hover over the “Following” button. Once the entity account has been selected, you must click on the “Unfollow” option. For more information, consult Twitter support
  • Linkedin: On your home page you must select the “Interests” tab. Then you must select “Companies” and, within companies, look for the Clinicas Obesitas page. Once there, you must click on “following” and then select the “Unfollow” option. For more information, consult Linkedin support.

What are your rights?

Rights that assist the USER: they can only be satisfied in relation to that information that is under the control of the CONTROLLER.

  • Right to withdraw consent at any time.
  • Right of access, rectification, portability and deletion of your data, and limitation or opposition to its treatment.
  • Right to file a claim with the control authority ( if you consider that the treatment does not comply with current regulations.

Contact information to exercise your rights:

Clínicas Obesitas . Avda. de Tamarindos , 23 – 46015 Valencia. E-mail:


Clínicas Obesitas does not configure and does not have data related to the cookies stored by Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The statistical data resulting from these cookies is only made available to Clínicas Obesitas anonymously. Therefore, only the services of the social networks used can technically respond to your requests regarding the cookies used.


If you consider that the treatment of your data has been violated, you can contact us by means of the indicated email or claim before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.


The USER, once he is a follower or has joined the social network of the CONTROLLER, may publish in it, comments, links, images, photographs or any other type of multimedia content supported by it. The USER, in all cases, must be the owner of the published content, enjoy the copyright and intellectual property rights or have the consent of the affected third parties.

Any publication on the social network, whether text, graphics, photographs, videos, etc., that violate or are likely to violate morality, ethics, good taste or decorum, and/or that infringe, violate or violate intellectual or industrial property rights, the right to image or the Law, is expressly prohibited. Therefore, offensive Comments in themselves or clearly offensive to other users can´t be accepted. We would like to ask you, in order to avoid any type of insulting, offensive or obscene language, that you show respect to other users of the page and for the fundamental principles that we all share (no racism, no xenophobia or violence, no discrimination on religious, ethnic , origin, sex…). If you have any suggestions or questions, contact us by email and we assure you that you will get a complete and fast response.

In these cases, the CONTROLLER reserves the right to immediately remove the content, without prior notice, and may request the permanent blocking of the USER.

The CONTROLLER will not be Controller for the contents that a USER has freely published.

The USER must bear in mind that his publications will be known by other users, for which he himself is primarily Controller for his privacy.

Images that can be published on the social network will not be stored in any file by the CONTROLLER, but they will remain on the social network.

Clínicas Obesitas is not Controller for the links to external sites on this page or for their content or activities.


The CONTROLLER will be expressly exempt from any liability that may arise from the use of social networks by minors or people with special abilities. The social networks of the CONTROLLER do not consciously collect any personal information from minors, therefore, if the USER is a minor (and does not meet the age required to register in the social network) he should not register, nor use the social networks of the CONTROLLER nor provide any personal information.