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Patient Preparation

Correct preoperative preparation is essential to avoid future risks and provides great security to face an intervention.

Study of your obesity

  • Multidisciplinary study (surgeon, psychologist, nutritionist).
  • Study of the diseases associated with obesity.
  • Explanation and indication of the most appropriate surgical technique for your case.

Preoperative study

  • Preoperative protocol tests for surgical intervention.
  • Preoperative tests suitable for pathologies associated with obesity.

Preparing the operation

Based on three fundamental aspects:

  • Improvement of the anatomical conditions of the patient: weight loss just before the intervention -> diet from 5 to 10 days.
  • Improved cardio-pulmonary fitness -> walking 1 hour a day; breathing work with inspirometer.
  • Decrease in vascular risk / possible thrombosis -> antithrombotic measures adjusted to the pathology of each patient.
  • Adjustment of the medication necessary to resolve your current pathologies -> adjustment of diabetes, improving blood glucose for the operation; adjustment of hypertension, improving its control before the intervention.

Just before the intervention

  • Visit by anaesthesiologist and bariatric surgeon.
  • Global control of the preparation process.
Good preoperative preparation accounts for 25% of the overall safety of the operation.

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