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The irruption of technology, and the “super-specialization”, have changed completely, also in obesity, the scenario and the possibilities in its treatment.

The purpose of this section is to serve as a guide for patients when assessing or “demanding” in the positive sense of the term, the degree of training and equipment of the team that is going to treat them.

In Clínica Obesitas, we have implemented all these technologies and tools, with effort and enthusiasm, being pioneers in Spain in many of them.

Mini-invasive laparoscopy allows us to perform the same operations “inside the abdomen”, but causing fewer injuries and sequelae in the body.

Apollo technology allows specialists to give dots through an endoscopy tube.

The Da Vinci Robot is a robotic platform that makes it easier for the surgeon to perform complex and delicate surgeries with minimal invasion and greater precision.

The ingestable and excretable balloon is a new balloon which, thanks to its avant-garde materials, has been miniaturized into a capsule that the patient can swallow.

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