Multidisciplinary follow-up

Select treatments for other obesity pathologies

The multidisciplinary follow-up of the patient is a basic aid tool for the success of the surgery in the long term. It must be performed by a well-trained team specialized in obesity.

The functions of the professionals are the following:

Bariatric Surgeon: Medical Evaluation and Follow-Up

  • Necessary nutritional and analytical study. Review of pathologies due to diseases dependent on obesity (Metabolic Syndrome) and its medical treatment.
  • Evolutionary control of metabolic problems (Diabetes, Cholesterol / Triglycerides, Hypertension).

Dietitian-Nutritionist: evaluation and Dietary monitoring.

  • Anthropometric Study: Weight, height, Body Mass Index, measurement of fat and muscle mass, waist/hip index and cardiovascular risk.
  • Nutritional Profile Assessment: Current nutritional profile, dietary history, calculation of caloric expenditure adjusted to your activity and personalized diets.
  • Modification of Dietary Habits: Dietary workshops, food selection, healthy shopping basket, preparation of dishes and menus, labelling…

Psychologist: evaluation and cognitive-behavioral therapy

  • Self-esteem and confidence in our relationship with food.
  • Objective planning, impulse and stimulus control.

Multidisciplinary follow-up for patients who live far from Clínica Obésitas Madrid or Valencia:

  1. Patients fill in and send to Clínica Obésitas, an automated form in the Virtual Consultation of our website, the months that do not personally attend the consultation, within the months 1,2,4,6,9,12,18 or 24.
  2. Blood tests will be requested to review the nutritional status and pathologies associated with obesity, the months 2, 5, 8, 12, 18, 24.
  3. With the result of the Forms and the analyses, the team will contact the patient (Telephone / Skype).
  4. The patient may decide indistinctly whether to enhance the review in person at the Clinic or through the procedure described.

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