Knowing obesity

Bibliography on Obesity

The following is a selection of books on Obesity which, due to their content and quality, are very interesting readings.

Feeding guide for children under 3 years of age

Author: Consejería de Salud: Consejería para la Igualdad y Bienestar Social
Publishing House: Junta de Andalucía. Ministry of Health
Summary: If you are a first-time parent and your child is under the age of 3, you should read this guide to understand how important food is during childhood.

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White Paper on Nutrition in Spain

Author: Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN)
Publisher: Fundación Española de la Nutrición (FEN) and Agencia Española de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición (AESAN)
Abstract: The White Paper on Nutrition aims to be the reference in the field of nutrition in the academic and scientific field as well as to design and implement nutritional policies and / or food. It is published in collaboration with the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN).

Fruits and vegetables. Source of health

Author: Dirección General de Salud Pública y Alimentación de la Comunidad de Madrid (General Directorate of Public Health and Food of the Community of Madrid)
Publisher: Salud Pública. Community of Madrid
Summary: It’s not new to be told that fruits and vegetables are good for our diet, but do we know why? Do we really know their properties? What do they have to be so advised by health professionals?

Nutrition Labelling

Author: Dirección General de Salud Pública y Alimentación de la Comunidad de Madrid (General Directorate of Public Health and Food of the Community of Madrid)
Publisher: Salud Pública. Community of Madrid
Summary: This guide will give you the basic knowledge to learn how to interpret the nutritional labelling of commercial products and will train you so that brands do not deceive you by offering you their product as a panacea.

The fish recipe book that your children like

Autor: Fondo de Regulación y organización del mercado de productos de pesca y cultivos Marinos (Fund for the Regulation and Organisation of the Market in Fishery Products and Marine Crops)
Publisher: Ministerio del medio ambiente y medio rural marino
Summary: Let the father who has no problems raise his hand for his children to eat fish. From FROM, a recipe book has been created with the fish recipes best rated by more than 2000 small gastronomic critics, the children.
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Prejudices and truths about fats and other foods

Author: R.M. Ortega F. Pérez Jiménez L. Bultó Sagnier E. Martín Quesada
Publisher: Instituto Flora
Summary: Food is a subject that everyone talks about and knows about. For years we have been dragging myths about certain foods and an extremely negative outlook on fats has been created for us. What of it all is true? This book helps to educate us a little more about food and to discover which are the greatest food myths.

Water in food

Author: Jose Antonio Pinto, Jesús Roman
Publisher: Instituto de Salud Pública de Madrid
Summary: Nutritional education on the role of water and moisturizing beverages in health and disease is important. The general needs for the population, physiological stages and certain population groups (pregnant women, infants, athletes) must be known.

Pre-cooked food

Author: María Anchón. Elena Alonso. Gregorio Barela. Angela Garcia.
Publishing House: Dirección General de Salud Pública y Alimentación
Summary: Given the current lifestyle and the wide range of products on the market, it is essential to learn how to identify, classify and properly choose processed foods according to their nutritional quality, in order to avoid harm to our health.

Functional nutrition and heart-healthy lifestyles

Author: Jesús Román Martínez Álvarez Pedro Mata Emili Ros Xavier Pintó
Publisher: Instituto Flora.
Summary: if you suffer from any cardiovascular disease, with this book you will learn how to identify the functional foods that in your case, besides nourishing you, can bring benefits to your health.

Protect yourself from the heat, protect your health

Author: Comunidad de Madrid
Summary: From the community of Madrid they offer us 8 practical tips to protect ourselves from the heat.

Healthy Breakfast

Author: Jose Antonio Pinto Fontanillo and Ángeles Carbajal Azcona
Publisher: Instituto de Sanidad Pública de Madrid
Summary: The habit of breakfast, as one more meal of the day contributes to achieve a balanced diet. Adults must recover and improve this habit, and establish it in the youngest.

Balanced, prudent, or healthy diet

Author: Jose Antonio Pinto Fontanillo y Angeles Carbajal Azcona
Publisher: Instituto de Sanidad Pública de Madrid
Summary: The Public Health Institute of Madrid. He offers us a balanced Diet Guide. Eating well is one of the most reliable ways to protect and improve health. Nutrition has played and continues to play an important role in our lives, even before birth, although we are often unaware of this.

A Guide to Help Combat Cancer

Author: American Cancer Society. The Cancer Project
Abstract: Thirty-five to seventy percent of all cancers are caused by poor nutrition. You can reduce your risk of developing cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices: eat a diet rich in plant-based foods, exercise regularly, and avoid tobacco use.

A healthy diet For everyone!

Author: AESAN Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs
Summary: The guide A healthy diet for all!, produced by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN), has been presented. Its purpose is to provide nutritional information to the six main immigrant groups in our country. The reason for launching this guide is to try to reduce the risks of obesity and related diseases into which they may fall due to the lack of knowledge of many foods and of the few economic resources to which they may currently be subjected and which may lead to the adoption of cheap but unhealthy eating habits.
Hydration and Health Guide
Summary: Practical Guide in which we can find basic notions about hydration and health.
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Eat well at any age

Author: Martínez J.A., Astiasarán I., Santiago S. and Zubieta M.I.
Publisher: Ed. Eunsa. 2004
Summary: This is a manual that explains, for each stage of life, physiological characteristics, specific nutrient needs, dietary recommendations and nutritional problems. The authors are Professor Alfredo Martínez, Secretary of the European Federation of Nutrition Societies, and Professors Susana Santiago and Iosune Zubieta. The book distinguishes food in the early stages of life, adolescence, maturity and old age. It also includes special situations such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause and sporting activity.

Visual guide to food and rations

Author: Carmen Gomez Candela, Viviana Loria Kohen, Thais Lourengo Nogueira
Publisher: Editores Médicos S.A. (EDIMSA)
Abstract: This Guide contains over 230 photographs of food and was designed to be used as a food education tool or instrument to facilitate everyday professional work. The concepts of Nutrient and Food Consumption Recommendations are updated. The aim is to reduce the problem of error in the estimation of the amounts that complicate and hinder a correct dietary implementation and seeks to serve as a practical guide to the patient helping him in the realization of his eating plan with greater.

Everyday bread. A philosophy of nutrition

Publisher: Ed. MAD
Abstract: Recently, nutrition began to be considered a science and, as a result, its relationship to health and disease was analyzed. In simple language, the author presents nutrition as a human value that should form part of the personal ethical code, since the quality of our existence depends on health. The conclusion is that health is or should be within reach of every person, in the bread of every day, and prevention is the strategy not doctors, nor hospitals through adequate nutrition.

The Mediterranean diet

Publisher: Edita Pospisil
Abstract: The new collection of “Today’s Health” manuals presents numerous health tips that will help us relax while taking care of our body to enjoy a better balance. This practical work shows us how to get slim and fit without giving up anything through the Mediterranean diet. It also offers us some magnificent recipes to immediately taste the flavours of the Mediterranean.

The 10 Obstacles to Weight Loss and Exercise

Author: Lynette A. Menefee. Daniel R. Somberg
Publisher: Amat
Summary: Throughout this book are described the behaviors and ways of thinking that must be understood and changed to achieve weight loss and exercise. It also describes the main barriers that appear when starting a weight loss program, providing the necessary resources to overcome them.

Nutrition and health. Myths, dangers and errors of slimming diets

Author: Francisco Grande Covián
Publisher: Temas de hoy
Abstract: Dr. Grande Covián tries to clarify in this book, some myths about extreme diets and the problem of obesity. Throughout the book he clearly explains the relationship between diet and the pleasure of eating or diet and health. Finally, try to add some clarity to the confusion that can be created by the avalanche of current dietary information.

Health Science

Author: Valentín Fuster
Publisher: Planeta
Abstract: In this book a cardiologist and a journalist come together to present a series of health problems related in most cases to diet, in a clear and simple way, also providing scientific data and tools that facilitate the reader to make decisions on issues such as blood pressure, weight control, cholesterol, etc..

Overcoming binge eating. How to find out who has binge eating and why, if binge eating is an addiction, the difference between binge eating and overeating

Author: Christopher Fairburn
Publisher: Paidós
Abstract: Written by one of the world’s leading authorities on eating disorders, this book offers a synthesis of everything you know today about binge eating and provides specific guidelines for solving the problem. Not only does it combine scientific rigor with easy and enjoyable reading, but it also provides all the information needed both to understand binge eating and to overcome it, including a new self-help program based on the most effective strategies for controlling those behaviours. In this way, the program provides meticulous guidance aimed at overcoming the trend called compulsion, controlling eating behaviours, reducing the risk of relapse, and acquiring healthy and stable eating habits. Immensely useful, of course, for people suffering from this problem, undoubtedly the best treatment program on the subject conceived so far.

Five reasons why we overeat

Author: Cynthia Last
Publisher: Urano
Abstract: The author, an American psychologist expert in anxiety management, suggests 5 psychological profiles that can lead to excess weight: there are people who like sweets and exquisite dishes; there are those who do not give importance to what they eat and do it anywhere, in a hurry; others eat to feel energetic; and others when they feel stressed, cannot stop eating; finally, some use food to escape everyday problems. It is easy to recognize oneself in some of these profiles and, according to the author, each of them has a different psychological treatment. The central thesis is that the problem of excess weight is not solved only by controlling the food that is eaten, but that it is necessary to address the underlying emotional and behavioural problems. A very practical approach with a great motivating effect.

Eat healthy! A Complete Guide to a Balanced Diet

Author: Harvard Medical School
Publisher: Carroggio práctico
Abstract: In this guide from the prestigious Harvard University, you can find the information you need to understand that eating healthy is not at odds with good meals or snacks. At the same time, it explains in simple terms why some foods are healthier than others and what scientific principles have helped create the latest food trends.

Don’t get depressed: Eat better.

Author: Alicia Bustos
Publisher: Espasa
Summary: This book conveys the idea that eating well is something important, so it tries to give a series of orientations that turn the act of eating into something satisfying. To this end, it works with a dietician and a psychologist and provides easy and healthy recipes and culinary advice.

Emotional self-control techniques

Author: M. McKay and S. Davis
Publisher: Martínez Roca
Summary: This book, eminently practical, shows us all kinds of techniques that help to channel and manage emotions. We will find diverse and effective resources for coping with stress and controlling our emotions, which can help overcome multiple disorders. Although it is not oriented to problems with food, the strategies that are explained have demonstrated their effectiveness in the emotional management of food. Among the contents, the following stand out: progressive relaxation techniques, meditation and breathing, to alleviate the symptoms of stress; tests to recognize, evaluate and face the circumstances that provoke it and its symptoms; advice for the administration of time and decision making; keys to know and take care of the body; how to practice the detention of thought and the rejection of unwanted thoughts; the development of techniques to face stressful situations; tactics of nutrition and physical exercise to combat stress; ways to improve interpersonal relations, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Emotional feeding. The relationship between our emotions and conflicts with food

Author: Isabel Menéndez
Publisher: Grijalbo
Abstract: This book raises the possibility of wondering about some motivations that make us have conflictive relationships with food. Most of the ideas he puts forward come from psychoanalysis, so they can be striking, incredible or absurd and perhaps not demonstrable from a scientific point of view. But they also invite us to look beyond the strictly physical in our diet and listen better to understand what is hidden behind some problems related to food.

Healthy Eating Guide

Author: Spanish Society of Community Nutrition
Publisher: Everest
Abstract: This guide gives a series of recommendations for healthy food consumption aimed at the general population. It includes guidelines for the purchase, preservation and preparation of daily menus, based on the Mediterranean diet model.

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