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The irruption of technology, and the “super-specialization”, have changed completely, also in obesity, the panorama and the possibilities in its treatment.

In Obesity Clinics we have different Units of Specific Attention to the Patient, all of them dedicated, exclusively, to treat Obesity.

Our team of professionals, led by Dr. José Vicente Ferrer, is made up of pioneering surgeons in bariatric surgery, psychologists and nutritionists who are experts in obesity. A team of essential health professionals, who carry out a correct clinical follow-up throughout the weight loss process.

Psychological support to achieve the best adaptation and effectiveness of bariatric surgery in our patients throughout the process.

Multidisciplinary work that addresses adolescent obesity in all areas of the child: family, school and social.

A method of nutrition compatible with a working life, based on small and progressive changes, but maintained over time.

Family obesity therapy seeks to apply a comprehensive treatment of the nutritional habits of a family with obesity problems.