SADIS Gastric Bypass

107 Kg
86 Kg
49 years
1.66 cm
Previous weight:
107 Kg
Current weight:
86 Kg
Date of intervention:

My name is Angeles, I’m currently 49 years old and I’m a high school teacher. I went to Clínica Obésitas after having carried two intragastric balloons consecutively in another clinic: I weighed 118kg and lost 10, although I later gained weight.

I learned about Clínica Obésitas from Popular TV videos posted on the Internet. I spoke with Dr. Ferrer and he explained that with my problems (compulsive eating) for events that involve stress, etc. the ball is not enough, and less than two balls in a row … All in all, we waited a month for surgery, in that month I went on a diet. In my case, emotionally it was very bad, I have a sister to whom I am very close and give months of life for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also my parents are older and have serious diseases and I sink. Obesity invades me, I get tired, I get depressed, everything fatal.

From Clínica Obésitas it was suggested that I have gastric bypass surgery and all the facilities were put in place to be able to follow the guidelines at a distance. On the day of the operation, at the beginning of February 2012, he had already lost several kilos thanks to the preoperative diet and was around 100kg. Since then 16 months have passed and I weigh 30kg less. Physically, the improvement has been exceptional, but it’s true that because of my context I’m having a bad time, because I’m faced with seeing my family suffer and lose them. I regularly go to the psychologist, have the support and help of my husband and children, and I assume that the situation is what it is. Despite these difficulties, I am very satisfied with the intervention to the extent that if I had not had surgery, I would have continued to eat and gain weight, so I think I was lucky to find you and I recommend it to anyone suffering from obesity.

In particular, I now enjoy food and no longer live it with that compulsion, it makes me feel great and I have learned to eat slowly, chewing, tasting. Regarding sport, I am aware of the importance of physical exercise and active life, so I try to go everywhere on foot. At the moment I can’t dedicate more time to it because of the care I have, but I am sure that when better times come, sport will be part of my life. I would like to highlight the treatment received from Clínica Obésitas, which has made me feel cared for and pampered.


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