Multidisciplinary medical treatment of obesity

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What is Multidisciplinary Medical Treatment of Obesity?

Through our Psychological and Nutritional Behavioral treatment we will help you change your eating behaviors and control your weight so that you do not regain it. Aimed at patients who have 5 to 15 kg more (BMI between 25 and 29).

Multidisciplinary Program of Nutritional and Behavioral Reeducation:

With a program designed by our team of Encocrine Physician, Nutritionist and Psychologist:

  • We will study possible medical causes of overweight, fluid accumulation…
  • We will design a strategy tailored to your case.
  • You will lose your excess weight in a healthy way and you will be able to MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT.

This is a comprehensive program, in which with the help of our team you will learn to change your habits and “control” how and what you eat.
We can help you with our “Multidisciplinary Dietetic Reeducation Program” in two different ways:

  • By means of individual consultations with the different professionals according to their needs and preferences (payment per consultation).
  • By means of a “Package of consultations that we organize for you” adapted to your case (payment per package).

Program Phases

It consists of four sections:

1. Medical evaluation and follow-up: (Coordinating Physician)

  • Detailed clinical study.
  • General analysis.
  • Control of possible metabolic problems (Diabetes, Cholesterol / Triglycerides, Hypertension).

2. Dietary-Nutritional Performance: (Dietitian-Nutritionalist)

  • Anthropometric Study: Weight, Size, Body Mass Index, measurement of body fat and muscle mass. Waist/hip index. Cardiovascular risk.
  • Nutritional Profile Assessment: Current nutritional profile. -Dietary history. -Calculation of calorie expenditure adjusted to your activity and adjustment of diet to your calorie needs.
  • Dietary Habits Modification: Dietary Workshops: Nutrient Selection. Healthy shopping basket. Elaboration of dishes and menus. Labeled.

3. Psychological Performance: (Psychologist)

  • Self-esteem and confidence in our relationship with food.
  • Objective planning, impulse and stimulus control

4. Improvement of physical condition: (Sports Medicine)

  • Physical condition evaluation.
  • Program of improvement adapted to the patient.
  • Evaluation of progress and implementation of the programme.
  • Description of the program

Multidisciplinary Programs:

  • Clinical follow-up for 3 months by our multi-disciplinary team (Surgeon-Endocrine, Nutritionist-Dietist and Psychologist-Clinic), with possible options that the patient can choose:
  • PROPOSAL A: The patient decides which specialist to consult at each visit (recommended fortnightly).
  • PROPOSAL B: Suitable when the patient has health problems that must be controlled by the endocrinologist during weight loss. Includes: 3 medical consultations, 6 dietary consultations, 3 psychological consultations.
  • PROPOSAL C: Suitable when the patient needs psychological reinforcement. Includes: 6 dietary consultations and 6 psychological consultations.

Nutritional Reeducation Program:

  • Clinical follow-up for 3 months by the Nutritionist-Diet Therapist with fortnightly consultations, and a total of 8 dietary consultations.

Price and what is included in the transaction

Price Multidisciplinary Medical Treatment of Obesity

Cost per visit:

50 euros

Pack of 6 consultations:

250 euros

Pack of 12 consultations

450 euros

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