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Guide to Vitamins and Minerals in Foods

The operations of obesity that we carry out of protocol in our Clinic Obésitas, do not carry nutritional problems in the great majority of the cases. As we have explained, restrictive techniques or operations (Gastric Tube or Sleeve, Plication laparoscópica) do not need vitamin support, and mixed techniques (Bypass in and out of Roux and Bypass type SADIS) do need supplementation at least 4 or 5 months a year.
In any case, and independently of the obesity technique that has been carried out, a nutritional study should be carried out every year (blood analysis) and when you have deficits or values in the low ranges of your vitamins, consult this table of the most important vitamins in foods, to improve your diet.
In this section, we offer a guide to vitamins and minerals in foods to help our patients who have been operated on for obesity. Thanks to this guide you will be able to select those foods that are more suitable for your case.